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ZomBIFFF Night #3: Umberto (us) + BaBy KruGer (fr)

Cheap Satanism Records, Café Central and Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival welcome you to ZomBIFFF Night #3

Cheap Satanism Records is teaming up again with Café Central to invite zombies from all walks of life to strut their stuff free of charge at the third ZomBIFFF Night. Shows from Umberto (US) and Baby Kruger (F) are on the menu. It will be the second time running that Umberto will make an appearance at the ZomBIFFF, this time to present his latest album, "Night Has a Thousand Screams", out on Mogwai's Rock Action label. As for the set of Baby Kruger (not to be confused with Freddy Krueger), it promises to be mesmerizing since it will be inspired by Belgian cult film "Amer", directed by Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani. Expect a metamusical journey with iridescent soundscapes, savage breaks and hyper real daydreams. Finally, Cha!Selektor and the French apprentice sorcerers from Unison will be spinning records and chopping heads off. 

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Vincent Satan