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Idiosyncratics & nsnwrdsnsgls present Z'ev tribute + Raum feat. Arik Hayut + Dj Techno Thriller


7PM - 9PM

We will play exclusively Z'EV recordings for two hours. We will also give away all the remaining copies of HATI & Z'EV's Collusion CD to his friends and followers attending the event. 

! CDs will only be distributed only until 9PM

free download: 

9PM - 10PM

Yannick Franck explores radical music realms since 2005. He has performed and released his music worldwide and he is at the origin of many solo and collaborative projects. All of them are promoted through the platform ⊹ nsnwrdsnsgls ⊹ (read noise and words and sigils). He plays in critically acclaimed duo Orphan Swords (Aurora Borealis recordings.Instruments of Discipline , Clan Destine Records). 

His Industrial Techno outfit RAUM has recently been called "an Industrial tour de force" by LA website The Brvtalist. A first EP has been released on ThirdType Tapes label and a full length album is soon to be released on Glasgow label Clan Destine.

For this special performance he will perform with Berlin based drummer / composer Arik Hayut.

Hayut had studied art & music, lived and created in Tel Aviv, London and Brussels - before accepting in 1997 an artist’s residency at Berlin’s Podewil, and making the city his permanent home.

His vastly varied musical activities over the years include playing drums in different formations - primarily with self/co-formed bands (RIR, Monoblock, Girls United and currently Gainstage), and composing and performing stage music to numerous contemporary dance and theater pieces, touring worldwide (Bat Sheva Ensemble, Constanza Macras’ Dorky Park, Helena Waldman, London’s People Show, Kat Valstur - to name just a few).

He had developed his own unique sound, utilizing - aside acoustic, electronic and self-constructed urban percussion instruments - clarinets, bass, vibraphone, analog and digital devices, vinyl-samples and field recordings. 

Hayut’s current solo project – Arikon – could be described as an idiosyncratic dystopian ‘drum & drone’ enterprise:

A previous solo project – Aritape - as an imaginary pop-persona:

Gainstage - an ongoing duo with Pierce Warnecke, released on Portals Editions :

10PM - 1:30PM

Techno Thriller have recently released their debut album on Brussels based label l'entorse. Think hypnotic pulse, heavy beats and nasty, gritty synths. Unadulterated Industrial.