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Unison (fr) + Organic + DJ NCY + DJ Vincent Satan

(shoegaze, witch house)

Unison is a French witch house duo started in 2008 and released their first eponymous full-length album “Unison” on the 10th April 2012 through Lentonia Records.
they also have one EP titled “Outside” and some remix EP’s also available.
They’ve remixed like-minded artists such as White Ring and have collaborated with Ritualz on his CDR release.

(post-punk, neo-new-cold-wave)

The project started in 2011 after a common Post New Wave Tour.
Joris Oster and Raphaël Haubourdin decided to create an electro band merging the power of a fuzzy bass guitar with electronic signals.
After few nights spent in a recording studio, Alchemy took place
Joris, already bass player in Silver Riot, delivers amazing hard tones in accordance with the Keys sequences and deep voices of Raphaël Haubourdin, also the father of Graceland, a darkwave project. Now Organic became a trio with the arrival of Olivier Justin on drums. He was the drumer of Pneumatic Head Compressor, Dep Charge, Gringo Limo, Be Plouvier
Organic, an effective and original project to shake you head.

(Rado Panik / Daydream Nation)

+ DJ Vincent Satan
(Cheap Satanism Records)