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Special ecliptic party for Tónlistina bday, inviting headz of ZwaarteKracht, Roulette Recordz, De Bende Van Sardonis and Rawakari/Odaka for a live performance!
• Arsonist Recorder has been releasing and performing music of many different kinds over the past decades. Since 2018 he runs the ZwaarteKracht record label. Past excursions into heavy breakcore and experimental electronica still echo in his music today, his undeniable tendency towards groovy dark-matter electro and abrasive sound-design resurfaces in his most recent productions.(dj set)
• Rawakari’s projects made us travelled into vertical forms along years.
Involved in Elf Cut, Thin Consolation, Vlek,... he’s also operating on his newer moniker - Odaka. Built around a rhythmical skeleton that is definitely more dancefloor - but still visual - a story is told in deep, organic basslines whose multiple contortions surprise at every turn.
Assembled with refined acid sounds sparingly improvised, the music is as much to dance to as it is to listen to. (live performance)
• Poladroid, an atypical character of the electronic world, recently came out of a long period of hibernation for our great pleasure. Head of the ROULETTE REKORDZ label, his reputation is well established. Known for his hyper dynamic live performances throughout Europe, sharing the stage with Luke Eargoggle, Dopplereffekt, Anthony Rother,.. he’ll close the night with a heavy sonic drive into the suburbs! (dj set)
• Morki & Tónlistina
Involved into the Tracktor/SWFD memorable parties and also De Bende van Sardonis radio show broadcasted weekly on Radio Scorpio, Mark is a proper music freak and passionate digger since a couple of decades. Tonlistina is a Brussels-based promoter & curator, passionate about electronic music and all encompassing spheres. As partners in crime, special selecta to warm you up! (dj set)