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thin consolation present music machine :: Fat chance

Thin Consolation Release Party

To celebrate the release of lbnhrx's "Tales From Moustache" [available for FREE DOWNLOAD @] :

2 lives :
> lbnhrx :

lbnhrx is a 31 year old Capricorn, one meter fifty six, blonde hair, brown eyes, a moustache and a strong, athletic body. lbnhrx is looking for someone like-minded [preferably of the large-breasted persuasion] to go for long walks in the woods, or just sit on the sand watching sunsets, and more … if things "click". lbnhrx has emphysema, chlamydia, and a pet turtle called Hal.

> Richard Colvaen :

Prolific beat-maker, Richard took his first steps as a member of the romantically inclined Fist Fucking Crew, and later as part of the indigenous supergroup Bretzel Zoo. I've never seen him without a cap on ; and he isn't actually called Richard.

2 DJs :

> Music Machine :

My best guess is that Johann was diagnosed as hyper-kinetic as a child. DJ, producer, sound engineer, and multi-instrumentalist, Johann is the man behind the Music Machine, as well as DJ Kovak, DJ No.9 or La Mission 9. He claims his music is "disposable".

> Fat Chance :

Fat Chance is a generic term for the awkward yet combined efforts of the promotional whores for the common good of the UNREzT crew and the tributary Thin Consolation imprint.