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Thin Consolation Label Night with Sun Papa & Lawrence Le Doux :: LBNHRX

Thin Consolation Label Night

To celebrate the release of Sun Papa & Lawrence Le Doux's "Brume" EP :

2 lives :

> Sun Papa & Lawrence Le Doux :

It may sound hackneyed and bland, but with Sun Papa you can expect the unexpected. We'll give you one clue: most things find their origin in some new synthetic plastic miracle. But rest assured, "Brume" will offer you the club culture without the club and some avant-garde without the mental masturbation. It bears the unmistakable stigmata of that euphoric appeal that characterizes authentic fan appreciation, unburdened by pedantic clichés or stylistic references, probing ceaselessly for unexplored turns at an incredible speed.


LBNHRX is a 31 year old Capricorn, one meter fifty six, blonde hair, brown eyes, a moustache and a strong, athletic body. LBNHRX is looking for someone like-minded [preferably of the large-breasted persuasion] to go for long walks in the woods, or just sit on the sand watching sunsets, and more … if things "click". LBNHRX has emphysema, chlamydia, and a pet turtle called Hal.

+ 2 DJs :

> Cupp Cave :

There's something quixotic about Francis. His world is inhabited by improbable vegetarian Texan zombies on Mexican mushrooms, all thumbs and two left feet. They build those head-nodding toys for feet-shuffling kids. Terry Gilliam is their leader. He's wearing those red & blue cardboard glasses we were told were 3d when we were kids. He's hammered on cough syrup. He says he's making a remake of A Fistful of Dollars. But he's only got a Polaroid. Drink from my cup he says, with his regal tone, king-sized and street-wise - an easy task you might say when you can count your streets with both your hands - as he rolls them out, lazy beat by hazy bleep. I feel like Don King. I feel like chewing on a wafer. This colour's not right. Everything's plastic.

> Fat Chance :

Fat Chance is a generic term for the awkward yet combined efforts of the promotional whores for the common good of the UNREzT. crew and the tributary Thin Consolation imprint.