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Thin Consolation Label Night with Spongemagnet :: Richard Colvaen :: Azlejazz


To celebrate the recent releases of Richard Colvaen's "Quartz" + Spongemagnet's "Release The Gimp" :
3 lives :
> Richard Colvaen :
Born on the day of Chernobyl, Colvaen's trying to stay mobile, although he insists - and it's noble - that he's merely making his way up the food chain, and "yes, still trying to fuck Lorraine". So try not to strain, or be boasting a sprain, when I bring down that cane ; cause I've said it before, and I'll say it again: "Don't take the name of the man in Vaen!"
> Spongemagnet :
People are sheep. That's why they're always looking for a shepherd. Some like to get their egons fisked. Personally I find it to be an uncomfortable - and messy - affair. When the aforementioned shepherd teams up with your local egon fisker, things can get a little hairy. Ricky Sunset and Bobby Magnet do their best to prove just that. They claim they're going to live forever - or die trying'. I don't believe them.
> Azlejazz :
Azlejazz - of both Back & Forth and Herrmutt Lobby fame - has made himself a name as one of the slowest talkers in the scene, a speech that can at times mutate to a slur, perfecting the art of time stretching and applying it to pronunciation. More importantly, all the ladies envy him for his long, silky hair, which he obtains without the use of conditioner.
+ 2 DJs :
> Music Machine :
My best guess is that Johann was diagnosed as hyper-kinetic as a child. DJ, producer, sound engineer, and multi-instrumentalist, Johann is the man behind the Music Machine, as well as DJ Kovak, DJ Track or La Mission 9 (he may also have identity issues). He claims his music is "disposable".
> Fat Chance :
Fat Chance is a generic term for the awkward yet combined efforts of the promotional whores for the common good of the UNREzT. crew and the tributary Thin Consolation imprint.