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 Three Belgians, an Englishman and a Frenchman; the meeting of the Lion of Waterloo, Savile Row and St Germain des Prés.

From influences including (brit)pop, cubic bass, 6O’s garage riffs, strong rhythms, northern soul and glamrock, The Vogues form their sound and image.

“Well dressed rock’n roll” made to measure. In the great rock tradition, the group comprises two guitarists (Nico and Ian) who complement one another as a gin does tonic, a singer/frontman (Fab) whose sole purpose is to attract attention and arouse jealousy, a French bassist (Guillaume) grooving in the half-light and a
drummer (Denis), whose sharp hits are matched only by the cut of his tailoring.

“Cliché with style”, “They Have Style And They Are Not Afraid To Use It” said the Cutting Edge website, voting The Vogues as “Talent of the week” – a compliment accepted but never overplayed.

To their credit are more than 60 dates in Belgium, a concert at Dublin Castle (London), performances in France (Lille Grand Palais, the Zenith, Paris-La Fleche d’Or,…), gigs for magazines such as Blend (Amsterdam) and Vice (Antwerp, Eindhoven) and opening for acts including Dirty Pretty Things, Hot Club de Paris and Spectrum / Spacemen 3.

After an EP in 2010, The Vogues released their first LP, “My tailor is rich”, in spring 2011.