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The Star Pillow is a guitar drone-ambient project, mainly based on the research of expression and relation between sound, space and human emotions.
The Star Pillow actually has published 12 albums on labels like Boring Machines, Midira Records, Time Released Sound, Paradigms Recordings, Dead Vox, Setola di Maiale, ManzaNera, Taverna Records, Laverna, etc. Continues uninterruptedly to play several tours and live gigs throughout Europe (Italy, Sardinia and Sicily included, Switzerland, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Finland).
He shared the stage with people like William Basinski, Thisquietarmy, Nadja, Dirk Serries, Roy Montgomery, Jessica Moss, Lea Bertucci, Machinefabriek, Modelbau, N, [Bolt], BARST, Treha Sektori, Fuzz Orchestra, VipCancro, Ornaments, Lento, Bologna Violenta, Mombu, Neo, Thank U for Smoking, Simon Balestrazzi, Sarram, Giulio Aldinucci, Andrea Parkins and many others. He took part at Le Guess Who? Festival (NL), Kukemuru Ambient Festival (EST) , H.A.N.S. (NL), Gaudeamus Festival (NL), Suono Prossimo (IT), Banday Festival, Tago Fest (IT two editions), MVP Fest (IT), Rock Valley Festival (IT), AMM Beyond Festival (IT), etc.
Collaborations with the pianist Federico Gerini (in many concerts and four albums, one of which with the leader of cult italian no wave band "Detonazione" Bruno Romani) and with the director Roberto Beani of Zimmerfrei that release all the official videoclips. Original soundtrack for the films "Nascono i Fiori" (Mauro Bartoli, LabFilm 2016), "Tutta colpa di una ragazza alimentata ad elio" (Giancarlo Fruzzetti 2015), "Il Disassociato" (Cristina Picchi 2014).