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 We are the Dallas Explosion.

We’re based in Brussels / Belgium / Europe.

We’re playing dirty classic rock mixed with raging soul, a touch of psychedelia and that special Belgian surrealism.

We are releasing our new album (after "Depression is a Fulltime Job EP" in 2004 and "Girlfriends & Excess" in 2007) on January 24th 2011 on Dying Giraffe Recordings / V2 in the Benelux

We’ve called it "Off to War"

We recorded 11songs with the help of Australian producer Peter Crosbie (Sharko, the Tellers). Most of them talk about fighting and knives, the others about the usual love and drugs.

We got the album mastered in Memphis by Brad Blackwood (Maroon5)

We made a videoclip for our first single called "Blonde Ambition" that is getting released on November 15th 2010

We’re influenced by a lot of great bands from the 60’s and the 70’s but fortunately we don’t sound like any of them.

We’ve opened concerts for such diverse acts as: the Killers, Willy DeVille, Monster Magnet, Bush, Travis, Eagle-Eye Cherry and Living Colour to name a few.

We write better songs than band biography.

A journalist once said we were one of the only bands capable of uniting the old groovy parents, their hot daughters and cool sons.

Another journalist once said that we were gonna be the next big thing and that we had a great future ahead; but that was long time ago and he certainly wasn’t a mind reader.

I am Dallas Geoffrey Hautvas. I play the guitar and sing

I am Baptiste Charles. I play the bass

I am Remy Polfliet. I play the drums

I am Stine Wintlev-Jensen. I play the tambourine