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The crappy mini band

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The Crappy Mini Band saw its first light in June 2007,Brussels, where a joke of making music out of toys, became serious work.

The idea that music can be made by anything and the playful character that toys inhibit in their nature, provided very funny, but also technical challenging (not to mention head-breaking) situations.

The Crappy Mini Band stands for experimenting with sounds, objects, ele...ctronics, toys, effects and voice.

Since the key words in the band are 'fun', 'freedom', 'improvisation' and 'democracy', the music could (if really necessary) be described as:
'a bit strange' , 'totally weird', 'very cute', 'sweet poppy', 'industrial', 'twisted disco', 'punk rock', 'contemporary classical' and so on...

The band is made out of:

- Lynn Cassiers (Be): vocalist, toys and effect queen...

- Nico Roig (Sp): toy acoustic guitar, toy electric 'pignose'-guitar, voice, casiotone, omnichord and LOTS of effects...

- Giovanni Di Domenico (It): toy drums, voice and little percussion, electronics

- Pak Yan Lau (Be/HK): toy piano's, casiotone, toys-objects,toy accordeon, voice and effects...

In november 2007 The Crappy Mini Band met the great Japanese Tuba player Daysuke Takaoka, and recorded a session together.

In december 2007 the band made another recording session, and the first album was born in march 2008.
Around that same period the Crappy Mini Band had a mini tour in Belgium, playing in bars, clubs and venues in Antwerp, Gent and Brussels.

Meanwhile the contact with great friend Daysuke continued and from the one came the other, so in March - April 2008 The Crappy Mini Band
proudly left Belgium to have a 'Big in Japan'-tour in Japan with Daysuke.

The tour consisted of 11 concerts in Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Kobe, Osaka - meeting incredible artists, having fun and great experiences.

In 2009 the band dived again in the recording studio, and made a 2nd album.
‘Licking Forward’ is released by a Brussels label ( that allows them to continue making eclectic, free music.
This album was released in January 2010 and the band is also expecting a release of a LP next year.