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The Cosmic Dead (GB) + Dj ABS


Scotland's foremost Hawkwind tribute band. And no less mind.


Salutations traveller.
The Cosmic Dead are from Glasgow, Scotland. We formed in early 2010. We have a few albums out. Get em here -


"The Cosmic Dead are four psychedelic warlords from Glasgow with a penchant for trippy, long-form grooves that summon the spirit of Komische legends such as Neu! and Can and the Space-Prog oscillations of Hawkwind, amongst other trance-inducing influences." - Phantom Channel 

"Spacial exploration rather than the psychiatric breakdown. Cologne rather than Altamont. There’s no hipster arched eyebrow here, no faux-intellectual exploration of unfashionable musical tropes." - Cows are Just Food
"Amon Düül II wish they could have been this good. 
Truly trippy acid soaked psych-rock, free and fresh." 
- 13th Note
"If the rings of Saturn could sing, 
this is the sound they would make."
- Zero Tolerance
"Psychedelic kraut explorations into infinity"
- Winning Sperm Party