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The Bucket Of Blood : Roger Corman

USA. 1959.
Director/Producer – Roger Corman, Screenplay – Charles B. Griffith, Photography (b&w) – Jacques Marquette, Music – Fred Hatz, Art Direction – Daniel Haller. Production Company – Alta Vista


Dick Miller (Walter Paisley), Barboura Morris (Carla), Anthony Carborne (Leonard), Julian Barton (Brock), Ed Nelson (Art Lacroix), John Brinkley (Will), Myrtle Damerel (Mrs Surchart), Judy Bamber (Alice), Burt Convy (Lou Raby), Jhean Burton (Naolia)

Plot: Walter Paisley is a busboy at the trendy art-house cafe The Yellow Room. Walter is desperate for social acceptance by the Beatniks he tends and unsuccessfully tries his hand at sculpting. He accidentally stabs his landlady’s cat and then on inspiration encases it in plaster. He exhibits this as a sculpting and finally achieves recognition from those around him. Next, Walter is forced to kill a cop who tries to arrest him. Using the cop’s body and others that he kills, he encases these in plaster and receives even greater accolades.