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THE BOOZE live :: & Stel-R vs Yeti Popstar vs Satana

BOOZE is the illegitimate offspring of Milo Smee (Chrome Hoof, Binary Chaffinch) and Demian Castellanos (The Oscillation). conceived during a few sweaty evenings in the studio whilst they took respite from their main projects, BOOZE channels the infidel urges o...f two musicians at the peak of their deviant prowess. From the wild flailing thrust of 'Mescal Talking' to the simmering '80's groove of 'Side Effect' (just picked up by Cosmo Vitelli's 'Im a Cliche' imprint), the prog stupor of 'The Last Straw' to the nocturnal locomotion and spontaneous combustion of 'Insanity Drive' (which featured on dc recordings 'death before distemper 2' compilation a few years ago), BOOZE is an untameable beast, swaggering uncontrollably through musical moods like a sordid being intent on unknowable deeds.