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Syn:haptic III

Happy to invite you to a third Syn:haptic! 
This time, it's a LONG & exciting session waiting for you guys because we will invest the Cafe Central on a Friday with 3 lives and 2 dj sets! 

For this edition, we have the honor to welcome for the very first time in Belgium Repeat Eater ! The modular side project of Stazma The Junglechrist. He will play alongside his friend from Liège, M.E.R.S and our local favorite vilm.

Let yourself be transported with 3 greats live performances. 
Addicted to electronica music with an acid touch, this night is made for you ! Our beloved Tónlistina bring you her nice electro massage and for the closing, Lou Rider prepare a time travel inside the greatest IDM classics but not only !



Repeat Eater [Concrete Collage / Handicap Records, FR] LIVE
Weirdo Acid made with wires and machines.
The concept of Repeat Eater is to bring pure analog warmth on stage. Using only hardware units such as modular synthetizers, sequencers & drum machines, Julien Guillot (formerly known for his famous breakcore act Stazma The Junglechrist) is creating a web made of all kind of electronic music, from IDM to acid and from ambient & electro, the whole thing with a pinch of noise and punk attitude : let’s plug in and see what happens!
His own label as made recently with his friend Ohmwerk, check it out at Concrete Collage

M.E.R.S [Kaometry / Bankizz] LIVE
Back in the days, in the late 90s, techno and acid music waft everywhere in clubs and rave parties all over Belgium. This is at this moment that M.E.R.S gets into electronic music. Quickly, his eardrums and brain are blown up by labels as Warp, Deathchant, Planet-µ or Ninja Tune. Ableton quickly becomes his weapon and tracks follow on from each other hardcore, breakcore, IDM, Drum and bass, In his universe, M.E.R.S own imagination is his only limit. M.E.R.S evolution in the IDM et breakcore universe surround by the famous sauce lapin from Liege.

vilm LIVE 
Young and extremely promising producer from South of France, VILM packed his bag to Brussels last year. Heavily influenced by the aciditic drill'n'bass of Luke Vibert & Aphex Twin, the oniric melodies of Board Of Canada and his electronic composer brother. He made his first live at a previous Syn:haptic and the vibes were so funky and great that we're happy to invite him again !

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬░∷ DJ SETS ∷░▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Lou Rider 
Mix vinyl Electronica / Drill / IDM
It’s at the end of the 90’s era that Lou Rider discovered electronic music with labels such as Rephlex, Planet Mu, Warp, Ninja Tune, Reload/Ant-Zen , Hymen, DHR,..
Feeling at ease in all styles and finding difficult to focus on one genre only, he founded the label Blind-Rec with the producer A.L.F. in 2007 where artists like Mochipet, Herrmutt Lobby, Krumble, Ucture, Brainsucked, X&Trick,... signed. 
To this day, he keeps touring the record stores to complete his collection with which he has the pleasure of introducing people to his eclectic electronic universe. 
Blind-rec. - BTC rec. (Belgian Tekno Conspiracy)

Syn:haptic resident / Braindance mix 


Music : M.E.R.S - Le Bluff d'Anga (Puzzling Records)