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SOME NOISE & SOUNDCUTE present Jean D.L. & Karen Willems

SOME NOISE & SOUNDCUTE present Jean D.L. & Karen Willems !

Vague beats, electric humming, bells and dissonance all make out the basis for the guitar and drums duo of Jean D.L. & Karen Willems. Restful and light, constantly on the tipping point between beauty and chaos. Composer, drummer and improviser Karen Willems is an ever-restless musician whose quirkiness has become somewhat of her trademark. Having previously played with groups and artists like Zita Swoon, Aidan Baker and Eric Thielemans, Willems is constantly on the move, looking for new musical interactions.
Guitarist Jean D.L. has developed a sound universe of hazy soundscapes, built around noise, improvisation, experiments in drone and ambient guitar explorations. He has previously collaborated with the likes of Zbigniew Karkowski, Jozef Van Wissem and Anla Courtis as well as released a string of solo albums, exploring the electric guitar.