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Steve MACKAY (The Stooges / Iggy Pop)+ Koonda Holaa + Brain Wolff + Chantal Morte + Dj Tzii FREE


«Sometimes Like This I Talk» november /december 2010 tour
The pioneering saxman from such diverse projects as Iggy and The Stooges, Violent Femmes, Snakefinger, Commander Cody and The Radon Ensemble is touring to support the release of his 3rd solo album. This collection of songs, captured in 5 countries and with a vast cast of (?) conspirators, represents the most coherant display of Steve mackay’s composed works.
For the last decade, Mackay has relentlessly criss-crossed the States, Europe and the World, bringing his unique musical vision to the stage. His efforts have produced numerous tours and releases: joining forces with jazz-core unit Zu, fronting his own bands, The Radon Ensemble, Carnal Kitchen and Third Thursday, conspiring with underground luminaries like Dirt Bombs, Ovo, Koonda Holaa, Smegma, Laundryroom Squelchers, Fabrizio Palumbo, Amps For Christ and Mike Watt and sharing the spotlight with Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame inductees Iggy Pop and The Stooges.
«Sometimes Like This I Talk» is a voyage that brings you to the forefront of Mackay’s musical history and invites a multitude of his collaborators along for the ride.
«Sometimes Like This I Talk» available from: Stickfigure Distribution

Is a one man band, a Mojave California desert rat who fattens up his diet of sun half the year in Paris, France. His current sound has been branded mystic psychedelic western/noir amerikana but it may well be world music from a world that does not yet exists. The music sounds like musings of a man with three bullets left and long ways to go.
The songs are sagas of time spent living in cars and in self imposed exiles of his own pornographic past. «10 Acres Of The Finest Sand» 4th release !!!! for Koonda Holaa, is actually another faze of his long musical career. Traveling the dusty trails with his own (now defunct) Pseudo Pseudo and paying his dues with the Residents, Exene Cervenka of the X, Lydia Lunch, Steve Mackay and Mike Watt - the sax and bass man behind IGGY POP & the Stooges, Uz Jsme Doma, Marshall Allen, Otto Von Schirach, Slymenstra of GWAR and countless other projects that goes back to the mid 80’.
Not counting scars - he try’s to find humour in a world rich on humans, but greedy with human touch. And the music -well: i just wanna know what time you getting of work iz what I wanna know iz !!!!! 10 acres of the finest sand here:

French psyche/industrial chanson or Gothic RnB, le Blues de Plomb, Bat Cave de Chat, Cold Wave Folk these are all the names that have been used to describe Chantal 1/2 Morte the Greatest Anti Rock band of this stupid modern age. Chantal 1/2 Morte is made of the souls of two diffrent musicians Mika Chantal & Roco Morte ( hereby represented by Mika Chantal thus 1/2 morte ) His rythms, anti rythms, words, beats, and distortions are mixed together live on stage, ( in the perfect dosage )like some kind of incredible sauce or cocktail of God, that has dripped from the sky and can now be enjoyed live in concert, or on compact disc. Don’t hesitate for one minute( like so many people already have ) and hear this extrordinary messiah rock you in ways you never knew possible.

Better known for his decade in artpunk band «Drums and Tuba» creates a dense landscape of sounds, layering loops which are generated by, with, through, and on the tuba. The resulting music is both strange and accessible at the same time: avant garde and yet deeply founded in traditional song structure. You could call what Wolff creates electronic industrial tuba rock music or you could simply say that you’ll see something you’ve never heard before...



BRIAN WOLFF (a.k.a Drums&Tuba)