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Some Noise presents ZEA + ANDY MOOR (The Ex)

ZEA (The Netherlands)
ZEA: The Ex vocalist Arnold de Boer's solo performances are always a complete blast. He deploys guitar and sampler for an almighty bout of crazily high energy songs - urgent lyrics over guitar, roughshod beats and grimy bass lines. "One guy stands playing his guitar like he's trying to saw it in half with his bare hands, the other bashes at the vocoding keyboard devices like he wants them to explode, and they end up making one almighty racket that could be called 'dance' music. If you
happen to dance like a malfunctioning washing machine, that is. Ace."
Drowned in Sound
Zea - Agency

Andy Moor s 'live' solo performance is a relatively new project. It is accompanied by projections of photos taken by himself over the last 30 years . A half hour of intense improvisationusing no pedals or effects working with found objects and the raw sound of the electric guitar , with a wide palate of sound ranging from crackling noise , dark textures , sonic drone like soundscapes and hidden melodies and chords. A solo guitar performance with not one guitar solo ...


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