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Some Noise presents Taikophonic


Wood meets waves, tradition meets innovation.
Taïko Drums meets Monotrons

This duo is a unique meeting between one of the most traditional (and iconic) japanese drums and analogic instruments.
Despite the incongruity, their universes get along. The project is carried throug experimenting, improvising on silence, feeling both emptiness and fullness : two musicians combining and mixing their multidisciplinary experiences.
« a brand new project between world music (Far East) and contemporary arts (Music & Dance) »
« an original blend of sacred drumming, slow motion and acousmatic climax »

Taïkophonic is an outlandish duet with :

• Maïa Aboueleze
a French musician, actress, dancer and writer with Tunisian roots. She has been playing Taïkos (Japonese drums she studied with a master in Tokyo) for years in France, Spain, Germany, UK and Belgium. She teaches master classes and workshops in Brussels.


• Marc Van Eyck
a Belgian musician, performer, composer and producer within the extended family of the noise-based music makers.
He studied music, movement and motion in several academies, universities and high schools and worked in sounds laboratories while playing in a lot of (rock and non rock) bands

Here is a piece written for Taïko, Monotrons (micro synthetisers) and piano :

Link to the FB event