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SEC_ & Francesco Gregoretti (IT)


SEC_ & Francesco Gregoretti

The musical meeting of two musicians from Naples: the reel-to-reel tape master SEC_ and the drummer and feeddrum specialist Francesco Gregoretti.
SEC_ and Gregoretti share a not properly “educated” attitude towards improvisation and a non-conventional way of playing their own (electronic and acoustic) instruments: they resort to creative execution techniques and to preparation and extension of instrument itself with a very physical way of playing in strong connection with the environment. Their adventurous and daring music follows the physicality of the playing gestures that nearly simulate a dance and exhibits an extremely wide range in dynamics, encompassing powerful and over rythmical sounds and sophisticated blends of electro-acoustic sounds, characterized by an imploding energy full of tension. Both very experienced musicians, they have released solo and collaboration albums and
played concerts all around Europe. During those trips or in the concerts organized in their hometown they have met and collaborated with musicians such as Jerome Noetinger, Dave
Phillips, Valerio Tricoli, Ken Vandermark, Olivier Di Placido, Will Guthrie, Pascal Battus, Seijiro Murayama and many others.
In 2016 Toxo Records has released their solo albums, “Mefite” by SEC_ and “Solid Layers, Deafening Shapes” by Francesco Gregoretti, that they will present in Europe during the June tour.