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Scattered Purgatory (Guruguru Brain - Taiwan)

Scattered Purgatory (Guruguru Brain - Taiwan)


Collectif Mental & Café Central proudly present

破地獄 Scattered Purgatory (GURUGURU BRAIN - Taiwan)

Formed in Taipei, Taiwan in 2013 and comprised of members Lu Li-Yang and Lu Jiachi, Scattered Purgatory is a name derived from a Taoist ritual which expiates the souls of the innocent from a state in between life and death and then at last, release.

Taipei, where two wheeled transportations are popular, the basin city of dense population and humidity had inspired their music. If a cinematic analogy were used to describe the duo’s sound it would be the equivalent of the massive use of long shots in Taiwan’s 1980s wave of new cinema. Scattered Purgatory employs a similar approach with an oriental narration geographically and spiritually.

they combined krautrock influences such as Popol Vuh and Cluster to industrial music influences such as SPK in this recording, giving the ancient ethereal vibe a new modern sound texture.

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