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SANTA CRUZ Live (Motorwolf/ NL) DJ's Stel-R :: Shazzula :: Satana :: Yeti Popstar

SANTA CRUZ: knee deep, crystal HIGH, from the fertility rites of the jungle (le sacre du printemps) to the sinister soul of the endless chain gang hoogie boogie, from the freak-out fuzz funk (black funky metal) of the black ritual acid rock to the overtones and mindfuck mantras of the drug metal drone magnet (reality is MY WAR, but I shall
RISE ABOVE!), there is but one Law (LOGOS): mind is matter and only but matter, as God is Love and only but Love, and that's the only thing that matters, entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem!

And if Providence provides Nature's natural needs, by the Holy Mother's merciless Mercy, those relentless rays of enlightening Light breaking through the vast and empty darkness (THANATOS), the blissfull and elusive illusion of divine Love (EROS), how can you ever speak of unspeakable acts and unnatural deeds? ...or substance illegal? Penetration, punishment, paranoia, the blade so swift and sharp (cloak and dagger!) and all the voices that whisper: THE FLESH DEMANDS TO BE CUT! Ever since his black needle catharsis (that bizarre gardening accident!) the MOTORWOLF sadhu (the real rock 'n' roll rabbi!) has been in his HIGH desert hide-out, only to descend to the deep valley below to teach you pity little worms
(crawl and open your mouth!) the TRUE LOVE that is... SANTA CRUZ! We
shall feast upon your desecrated bodies! Also hat der Zarathustra