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Roue Libre


“Everything back to abnormal” 
Roue Libre charge headlong against a wall of taboos, 
leaving buried secrets exposed and bleeding in their wake. 

Their first E.P. Titanomakhia takes on provocative subjects with sensual brutality,
dismantling the delicate discretions of decency. 

This brotherhood of hypersensitive urgency drives backwards along the motorway of nightmares.
They have no problem combining acerbic humour and poetical wildness,
since they are above all heavenly ogres who need to publicly reveal all. 

Naked in the wind, their eyebrows lightly wrinkled, they decide to live everything,
sending down roots charged with the power of an electric romance. 

Freewheeling as both a creed and a manifesto: “when nothing makes sense any more, trust in the balance of disorder”.