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ROJO REGALO was established in Osaka in 2006. Pico NAKAJIMA (aka. Copa salvo) took the lead from the band. The spirit of punk and reggae music (rebel music) and nostalgic of Showa music and the Osaka sense of humor are well harmonized with Cumbia, afro-cuban and latin music- that is the ROJO REGALO’s music. Love and rebellious messages are the prime mobile power of the band and Their message was intertwined in  “Osaka-Nanbei (= South America) Future mixture Dance & Rebel Music.” Kyoko Ogino’s powerful and sorrowful vocal, which is rare in Japanese vocalists, is Communicated with the revolutionary music, sends strong massages through EU tours to the world. ROJO REGALO has appeared in the events such as Down Beat Ruler, FIGHT FOR RIGHTS, RAGGA CHANNEL and EL CHOCOLATE (organized by ROJO REGALO). They also participated in Down Beat Ruler Vol.2 (compilation album).