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Rexistenz Label Night


Rxstnz is an indiependent music label and artistic collective born in Milan (Italy) dedicated to the mutant dance floor and experimental music.

It is opened to all electronic unconventional sounds.

It collaborated with many artistic and cultural realities as No Human No Cry, AgenziaX, Otolab, Shake, Random Artist, Drago lab, Stirpe999, Idroscalo Recordings, Decimopianeta, Nuke Satori, Tacheles, X-Lab, Cox18, F.o.a.Boccaccio, Spazio Concept, Le Città Sottili, Mezzanine...

It organised musical and performative events mostly in Milan (Italy) and Berlin (Germany).

The first releases of the label have been a d.i.y. approach to spread its own way to breaking electronics borders, the latest ones are opening to new young talented italian musicians.

Today it is a well known point of reference for the international experimental-dance scene.