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Rexistenz Label Night present : a034 :: Mbst8 :: Hyena :: RIPIT


Rxstnz is an indiependent music label and artistic collective born in Milan (Italy) dedicated to the mutant dance floor and experimental music.
It is opened to all electronic unconventional sounds.
It collaborated with many artistic and cultural realities as No Human No Cry, AgenziaX, Otolab, Shake, Random Artist, Drago lab, Stirpe999, Idroscalo Recordings, Decimopianeta, Nuke Satori, Tacheles, X-Lab, Cox18, F.o.a.Boccaccio, Spazio Concept, Le Città Sottili, Mezzanine...
It organised musical and performative events mostly in Milan (Italy) and Berlin (Germany).

The first releases of the label have been a d.i.y. approach to spread its own way to breaking electronics borders, the latest ones are opening to new young talented italian musicians.

Today it is a well known point of reference for the international experimental-dance scene.



mutant electronic-music producer since 1995. multimedia designer and videomaker since 1997.

vynils and cds on indie italian labels as bar la muerte, hydrophonic, qirex, afe, rxstnz and some other borderline labels like full volume agency (Japan), blackbean+placenta (Usa), monkey tool (Fra).

remixes + collaborations for/with artists like femina faber, bugo, ginormous, fujako, julie's haircut, solar skeletons, sandblasting... and more.

member/collaborator of collectives and artistic projects as: nuke satori (with bbs), sixfigurenigga (with bbs and skeeme), lava (with bruno dorella), figli di diapa (with hyena and mbst8), alice and her boyband, acid drops, v.a.l.i.s, no human no cry.

co-founder of the nuke satori net-label:

co-founder of the RXSTNZ records label: with pablito el drito, manual destruction, mbst8, hyena.



I began mangling sounds in late 90' trying to find my own personal way of expression.

To me making music is a kind of personal analysis, a process of deconstruction and  transformation of perceptions and states... and  the post-industrial spirit of our times calls for dark landscapes, noises and obsessive repetitions.

Co-founder of Rexistenz Records, I performed live in numerous venues and festivals in Italy and abroad, composed music for short movies, documentaries and art exhibitions.



Started in early 2000′s as Giona Vinti solo project, a mixture of hardcore techno, jungle, alternative hip hop and dark ambient. came out as a strange industrial breakcore act.

Fell in love with the darker sides of dubstep and techno dub, as showcased in his latest releases on Rxstnz Records.

Played various gigs and festivals in italy, belgium, holland, france ,switzerland and germany.

Co-founder of Rexistenz Records (RXSTNZ) along with fellow audio criminals pablito el drito, a034, mbst8, manual destruction , opser and degrade.

Hyena believes in magick , libertarianism and in love. Firmly against fascism , racism, homophobia, sexism, speciesism, adultism and general stupidity.

Honoured to have shared stage with: Winterkalte, Merzbow, Oyaarss, Bong-Ra, Sickboy, Hecate, Abelcain, Xanopticon, Hypnoskull, Zu, Shockraver, V-atak collective, Sandblasting, Daniele Brusaschetto, Zona MC, dj Skizo, Droon, Giggling Dildas and many others…