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 A party to celebrate the release of his first album "ENTELECHY"

It consists of 6 tracks recorded between May and September 2012 in the RTT and HS 63, Brussels 2 places known for their musical programming and part of former industrial site in Brussels.

This album has been partly influenced by a piece of Fritz Hauser recorded in a highly reverberant building of the Bauhaus. So I wanted this album to give importance to quality acoustics and historical places where I created and recorded those ones.

The sound mixing favor a natural look, avoiding fireworks and leaving any place to the instrument and its dissemination in space.

This album is the result of a solo work began in late 2010 in Brussels: the composition of a contemporary repertory and only partly improvised solo around percussion.

These pieces use a variety of accessories and technical cymbals "jazz" and "china", cup, bow, bell, brushes, mallet, rub on skin ...

The set is amplified, modulated and fed by a digital effect and amplification allowing me to treat my battery acoustic sounds in space.


Drummer and percussionist for almost 20 years, Jason Van Gulick plays and changing in many professional  bands and projects. He has worked in a wide range of musical practices concerts and tours in Europe and Canada, studio recordings and live on different media with SUBMERGE, WESTERN SPECIAL, NO HAY DEAZ ... composition and live performance in the theater. Drummer for Carla Bozulich / Evangelista for several tour in 2007/08.

Percussionist for the project Y.E.R.M.O. since 2009 with Yannick FRANK and Xavier DUBOIS.

In 2012, he collaborated with visual artists Nadine HILBERT and Gast BOUSCHET for the exhibition "UNGROUND" sponsored by the Centre for Contemporary Art CASINO Luxembourg (8.12.12/06.1.13).

It creates and develops with Gille GAUVIN, collective Déga! in Lille since 2004.



Antoine Viard/saxophone

Richard Comte/guitar

Julien Chamla/drum

Behind this name with sociopolitical accents, the HIPPIE DIKTAT trio offers a music of jazz borders, they kept the interaction! modes of contemporary music, they retained atonal melodies and haunting rock for its sound culture and his wild energy.