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Red Sniper

Red Sniper - Open source Artist collective

Red Sniper is an underground performance art group based in Brussels that began as an inter-disciplinary project for controversial visual artist Kendell Geers and Patrick Codenys of Front 242. Working from the strength of their individual discipline and knowledge base to construct,deconstruct and reconstruct images and sounds. The moving image is edited sonically, the image then re-edited visually to fit the sound and finally the sounds are then deconstructed visually.The process is not unlike a game of chess or even a duel where neither the image nor the sound enjoys any particular precedence as both are open to play and can be abused by either player.

The performance "Prototype" at the Centre Pompidou in Paris was the group’s  first public appearance in 2003. The piece oscillates between television white noise, excerpts from the artists own work and    body music. In part very beautiful and musical and in part an unrelenting assault on the senses and in part visual poetry.The visual and the sonic compete for the viewers attention in a battle of the media.