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PEGA + Paracelze

Cheap Satanism Records and Café Central welcome you to:



Paracelze is an avant-rock band from Switzerland built on a particular line-up : violin, bass, drums. Therefore no guitarist, but a lot of distortion, electronic sounds, effects appearing out of nowhere. The combo play a direct but complex and versatile music, influenced by numerous bands from the rock and metal scenes as well as pop and experimental electro.

PEGA (be)

At first a humble attic project, later moving to a basement, and currently a bedroom, PEGA began with 6 women meeting on Sundays for a “mumusicale” cleansing session. Then there were 5, then 4, and finally 3: Aude (bass and voice), Bárbara (guitar, voice; member of TUVALU) and Leslie (drums). Now, PEGA is a type of music that sets your inner wiggle in motion, revealing you soul, or at least trying to (magic is still an unstable science). This is Dino-post-punk that sways with a heavy gait, noise-rock released straight from an apartment ficus. Prestigious rock’n roll guaranteed!"


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