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Café Central will become the noisy field for a transatlantic battle against Otto von Schirach and Ripit. Avalanche of Kicks, Storm of Claps and chemical noise gaz !



To warm up the ring, BISHOP DUST is joining the arena !


Caught between a knight and a rook, Bishop Dust makes the king laugh… but Bishop Dust is dating the queen in his back… Moving diagonally in a world formed of white or black squares, Bishop Dust brings the Chess mate sound result of a mutant combination between Bass Music, Hip-Hop and IDM.


RIPIT (bxl)


Ripit, a.k.a Nyko Esterle, started his musical activities as a black metal guitar player in 1995. In 1998 he turns into radical electronic, developping a noisy, rythmical and psychedelic sound based on primitive synthesizer use. He evoluates to a more complex form of sound tending to beat micro-surgery and orchestral bombast.

As an actor of extreme electronic/pre-breakore parisian scene by organising alternative parties, he expanded his network on an international level. He toured several times in North America and Europe.

He released over 100 records on numerous label such as Tesla Tapes, Idiosyncratics, Angstrom, Bruit De Fond, Zhark, Yb70, Solis Kanones, Rexistenz...

In 2006, he founded with TZII (, the protean project Solar Skeletons (

In 2007, he founded the concrete Dub/Mutant Rap project FUJAKO with portuguese Dub strategist HHY (

Back to a more primal creative technique, his live sets are based today on the extensive use of modular synths, ol'time drum machines and no-input mixers to create a dancy, acid music, plunging the crowd in a magma of electrical textures mixing dance-floor references and magnetic fog.