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OSICA (be)
Osica is a collaboration between Harold and Vincent. They joined for a modular project, centered on circuit bending and VJing. Their aim is to create strong, bold electronic music, accompanied by spontaneous visuals, all of it generated by machines. They are constantly searching for delightful musical and visual experiences that make the audience dance with frenzy. Impressive performances, instantly invite bodies to move and neurons to marvel.
Brussels mighty dj and all true forward-thinker of electronic sound, Hugo "Ucture" Ficher is a man of many talents who kept our feet shaking and brains dancing for now more than two decades. Ucture started DJing in the early Belgian Techno days. Although his output over the past few years has been far more eclectic, he is still moving backwards and is now exploring the outer reaches of raving acid and fire-breathing beats.