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Flipper damaged, bass bin-busting bad-assery you really need !!!!!!!

Ugly bass and skull splitting drums broken up by songs of corner prostitutes, foreign language radio, and Burger King freebie toys. Kinda like the retard bus in a head-on with a pimpmobile full of cocaine. Retards stumbling around jacked on coke. Mean, confused, and horny, clogging the intersections and humping fire hydrants. Screaming and angry … lustful and confusing … with the booming bass tubes from a wrecked and pimped-out Caddy spitting out rude bearded bass and double-jointed booty drums.

Olneyville sound system -senior cadre on LOAD Records  will be joined after their regular set 

KOONDA HOLAA -- a one man band, 
a Mojave California desert rat
who fattens up his diet of sun half of the year in EU 
His current sound has been branded mystic -psychedelic western / noir amerikana
but it may well be world music from a world that does not yet exists.
Sounds like musings of a man with three bullets left and long ways to go.
Songs about  time spent living in cars and in self imposed exiles of his pornographic past - 
 actually another faze of his long musical career. Dropping his electronics
his vehicle while traveling the dusty trails with his own (now defunct) Pseudo Pseudo and paying his dues
with the Residents, Exene Cervenka of the X, Lydia Lunch, Steve Mackay and Mike Watt
- the sax and bass man behind IGGY POP & the Stooges, Uz Jsme Doma, Marshall Allen,
Otto Von Schirach, Slymenstra of GWAR and countless other projects
that goes back to the mid 80'  Koonda recent sound is dark heavy flow at the end of the month orchestrated with a looper and crowned with lyrics whose comedy redeems the darkness of its own messenger 

Not counting scars - he try's to find humour in a world rich on humans, but greedy with human touch.
And the music -well: i just wanna know what time you getting of work iz what I wanna know iz !!!!!

Listen to the latest release :"10 acres of the finest sand" here:

JOHN MAKAY  french guit/drums  duo playfull take on math rock continues the tradition of clever invention and bold spirit of Picardie (think JULES VERNE)  . there is hell lot of a soul in the mix which makes the technical perfection and syncopations  just a part of something much greater .-a spirit elevator with the cute bell boys servin you ear mana  on the way up . Just dont forget to hold on to yourself  allright !? 

OSS/KOONDA HOLAA/JOHN MAKAY   tour  october 2011 
                                        ladies and genitals