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Night On Earth Records presents Indra Menus & Joe Million (IDN) + Officium (BE/LT)

Night On Earth Records presents
Indra Menus & Joe Million (Indonesia)
Officium (BE/LT)

Joe Million

Born Jayawijaya Parulian Nababan, Joe Million is a Hip Hop musician who was born in 1992 in Wamena, Papua. Joe began to sing Rap music after he moved to Bandung while pursuing education there. Like many rappers before him, Joe Million began his career by making mixtapes.


Indra Menus

To Die is a stage name for Indra Menus (born in 1982 in Purworejo as Martinus Indra Hermawan). To Die was born in 1998 as a band that played extreme Hardcore Punk music in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The To Die release alone has reached more than 200 releases in the form of digital downloads, QR code, vinyl, lathe cut, tapes, DVDs, CDs as well as business cards.

In recent years, he began playing alone as Indra Menus, bringing a mixture of spoken words spoken with the drone music of Drone and Ambient Noise. The sentences of the words he utters are influenced by daily life in third world countries, personal views about his political attitude.


Listen to their collaboration mini album 2018 via bandcamp:




Soundscape / Lietuvos / Žemaitija / Field recording / Noise sequence





Night On Earth records
is an independent structure/label created 18 years ago which deals with

the invisible and the deviant, 
the void and the love,
the parallax and the unknown ...

we release vinyls and tapes
we organise events
we are you and us
we are nothing and everything
we are oblivion and memory
We are your egotrip's nightmare
We are your deviancy catharsis

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