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Night On Earth rec present Magdalena Solis + ADeMuRu + Tzii


Magdalena Solis are a two-piece sonic and visual outfit based in Brussels. It all started as a movie project. Sounds created for a short film quickly caught the attention of a few underground labels. A debut EP “Lady of the Wild Things” was released in 2010, followed by a first full length “Hesperia” in 2011. Magdalena Solis also create their own videos and play live with a projection of their visual works.

Smoldering slow build space drone epics, the sound constantly shifting from tranquil and dreamlike, to blown out and druggy/droney and way tripped out, heady and hypnotic and easily some of the best kaleidoscopic kosmische space/drone/psych we've heard. 
- Aquarius Records

This is extremely hypnotic and freaky stuff that will mess up your head with fear and ancient, secret psychedelics! When you put this on in some suitably remote location on a dark winter night under powerful magic potion there will be no return to the normal anymore…
- Psychotropic Zone


L'Atelier De Musique Rurale (ADeMuRu)

The rural music workshop of Flavien and Jérôme will guide you to sonic lands in which shall interlace field recording, nature and electronic textures.

Jérôme Mabille (Dropthedyle) produces a cinematic music all in contrasts between electronic ambiances and abrasive textures. Connoisseur of field recording, he integrates acoustic daily elements in what he coins his sonic bricolages.
Longtime expert in field recording and focused on relationships between places, voice and memory, Flavien Gillié reworks his recordings and conceives soundscapes that he presents either as concerts or installations.


Tzii (DJ set)

your host for the night....this time a fine vinyl selection of ritualistic deviant sounds.....and maybe something else...who knows? constant change is the only way forward!
...."Thee process is thee product".....