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NIGHT of Drumming IV

Welcome to the fourth evening at Café Central where only drummers and percussionists are invited to play.
3 solo projects, very different but so complementary :)

JASON VAN GULICK (percussion)
For more than 25 years Jason Van Gulick has shown his unwavering commitment to music by accompanying different artists and projects across Europe but it was solo and in a more experimental register that he asserted his place as a full-fledged musician.

Since 2009, he has embarked on a demanding sound research by confronting drums and percussions with different types of play spaces, resonance being a guiding thread. He found in this relationship between sound and architecture, an unlimited playground for his creations. He manipulates the sound material and reveals through long meditative pieces all the physicality of the sound and invites the audience in original and inclusive scenes.
His performances at the Congress Station with «Architectural Resonance» in 2014 and his sound installation «Ad Libitum 40-208» at the Basilica of Saint Elizabeth in Mons in 2017 for City Sonic, show the different facets of this artist, difficult to classify and in perpetual motion.

TOM MALMENDIER (drum kit and object)
Mostly self-taught, Tom Malmendier began the drums by experimenting all the sounds he could get out of it. From the very beginning improvisation became a central part of his musical research.
He’s one of the founder of Liège based L’Oeil Kollectif, and plays all over Europe with musicians from Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Lisbon, as well as with his solo « néKid » .

LAZARA ROSELL ALLBEAR (drum kit and electronics)
“unsurrounded 17.0”
Based on this concepts the project UNSURROUNDED started as a solo performance project were sound, movement, visuals & words intercollide. Each presentation is different with new inputs on the material layers and with new interactions that can extent to collaborations with other performers, musicians, visual artists and all kind of art houses and individuals (animals included).
Sometimes as in Unsurrounded III which was an interactive multi-media performance with active audience participation. The term audience was viewed in a wide sense including the www logged in online/mobile community. A challenge for a filmmaker, performer, musician to work inside the new media, summoning her passions and interests and relocating them into a whole new dimension.

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