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Music4People Feat Stel-R vs Snooba

Stel-R (Pop Zero-Kiosk Radio-Music4People) vs Snooba (Radio Panik-Fade to Pleasure-Radio Grenouille)

We continuously observe sub culture developments and trends. Over the years, we gained extensive knowledge about the global organic & electronics sounds, sustainability suburban objects and quality development. No request, we will compile up to date universal amalgam through various alternative music tips without forget our tailored classics.

Ethiopiyawi & global electronic, gauze Arab, iconic blend, indie disco, idiosyncratic letfield sounds, 303 mechanical underground solution, luv’ dancing, pinch of acid, rich club heritage, ice & spice break-dancing and hip hop body-popping, the Bliss takes cues from the label’s past and future. Modern life is a joke.


LINK to the FB event