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Whilst base camp has only recently been established in Bruxelles, Mueros has voyaged since 2005 through the expression of the indecipherable, using sound textures, text, improvisation. Assimilating their influences and avoiding traditional categorization, they oscillate amongst the vast spectrum of possibility that is sound, song, minimalism and the unavoidable cultural mess that calls itself “rock” (since logic dictates that it is sufficient to get a guitar and plug it into and amplifier…apparently). Their wayward journey through the barren landscape of modern music has produced a number of albums and tours as well as collaborations with other ‘artistic’ media (theatre, dance, video) - instances rather than proof of an honourable lineage.
Mueros consists of: Matthieu C. Vergez (guitar, harmonium, voice), Chris Farmer (guitar, loops, voice), Jason Van Gulick (drums, percussion).


A solo that breathes life into ideas!!!
Between experimentation and tradition, between acoustic broadside and electric languor.
The drum kit as the only instrument and means of expression. The only sound generator… or nearly
“A drum kit electrified, amplified, modulated, transformed. The sound comes from all sides and appears to multiply itself: languid beats, rippled textures, resonances… The whole sounds like softened metal, contrasted free rock”
“minimalist passages amongst free deflagrations, the result is awe-inspiring, humble and exact.”

A self-taught drummer who has travelled far from the beaten path, now recently arrived in Bruxelles. From his origins in rock and HxC, he now finds has way evolving towards improvisation and experimentation with his drum kit and percussion elements.
Drummer for Carla BOZULICH /EVANGELISTA for a number of European tours, he now collaborates in Belgium with the project YERMO (with Yannick FRANK and Xavier DUBOIS), the group MUEROS, the project SHEEP THONG OF MAYATHANS with Phil MAGGI (idiosincratics), Aymeric DE TAPOL and Frederic ALSTADT, the project BOTO BOTO with Arno PAQUOTTE (Cheresse) and Fabrice Cesario.
He composes and performs with "la Manivelle théâtre" and the "Vache Bleu" Companies in Lille.

Chris Farmer…

…is a self-taught British musician, sound artist, singer/songwriter, linguist, horticulturalist, currently based in Bruxelles, who has been active, to varying extents, since the late 80s. 
…is currently working hard to drown song/context/meaning in noise/resonance/texture (like a litter of bedraggled kittens in a sack under a bridge over some nameless river), on the study of time against sound, and collaborations with a number of performance groups (Antipôdes, LYDM etc). 
…is also a founding member of Mueros and Animal Vacarme and has played bass, keyboards or guitar for a number of other formations.
…proposes a suite of songs and sound textures under the influence of Michael Gira, Phillip Jeck, Anthony Milton and a Space Echo.