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Bruits De Fond Label night


From hardcore to noise music in the 90's, Hélène Le Corre, singer and bass player, took a new turn towards electronic music under Mistress Bomb H alias, while keeping a very clear weakness for noise and melodies. During the last ten years, she has been involed into many projects with people like Del Cielo, Olivier Mellano, Montgomery, Electric Kettle, Daniel Paboeuf, Fordamage, Zu, Martel En Tête, Peace Off, Psychic Lyrikah...

For « 9 pictures » (Bruits de Fond records / 2011), her first solo LP after several E.P.'s and Cdr's, Mistress Bomb H asked for Aphasia AKA Jean Ferraille's « velvet fist in an iron glove » method as a producer. He's also joining her on tour for more heavy sound. Together, they are going to play brutal and minimal rhythm alterations, melodies both sensuous and savage, as an obsessive urban soundtrack. Somewhere between Pain Teens, The Horrorist, Techno Animal and DAF...


After 4 albums and a dozen of E.P.'s of powerful hardcore electro, and after 10 years of rave parties alongside Manu Le Malin, Micropoint, Lenny Dee or The DJ Producer, Aphasia has chosen the underground way under his new alias, Jean Ferraille. Now playing a kind of anti-music at the boudaries of industrial, electro-acoustic and breakcore, he's going to take the audience into a intensely dissonant journey. Xanopticon or Imminent fans should easily find their way, as well as SPK and Whitehouse lovers. A live act for all noise addicts !

DJ S.Y.D (Lorient)

Cofounder of the « Ultime Atome » fanzine and actual runner of Bruits de Fond and Resistance des Materiaux labels, S.Y.D is also known for his knocking DJ sets, mixing mostly on vinyl old school rythmic noise and strong electro bass but also deep drones and dark industrial atmospheres. Some may dance, some may collapse. But none should get bored !


Active since 2002 as a dj and event organiser with the F.A.S.T. collective ( Had the chance to play in Belgium, France, Dutchland, Holland, Czech Republic, Switzerland sharing the stage with artists like:
Filastine , Feldermelder, Mentol Nomad, Sonic Area, Scorn, Les Trolls, Nautilis, Eight Frozen Modules, Sindri, Frog Pocket, Temple of Bon Matin, Rony 'n' Suzy, Doctor Lazerlyde, D'incise, Tzii, Brain Damage, Ezekiel, Rotator, Nevroz, Solar Skeletons, Radikal satan, Bruital Orgasm, buckettovscissors, etc..."
The Bruits De Fond imprint released one of his mix in 2010 ( ). He also recently released a mix for the spanish website Planeta Modular ( )