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Lussuria / Zero / Ripit (2 live sets & 1 DJ)

Lussuria / Zero / Ripit (2 live sets & 1 DJ)

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• LUSSURIA (Hospital Production - usa)

Lussuria is an ambient industrial project formed in 2007 by Jim Mroz. Heavily inspired by early dark ambient and industrial music, Lussuria’s atmosphere is created through a mixture of experimental sound collage, sampled loops, and deconstructed musical sections. The result has been described as ethereal and gauzy ambience creating a walk through moonlit castle corridors hunting for ghosts more personal than paranormal. Through several albums and releases through Hospital Productions. In addition to performances stateside and abroad, Lussuria has been established as an acclaimed act in the ambient industrial world. To date, Lussuria has performed at noted events and venues such as Berghain (Germany), Rewire Festival (Holland), Golden Pudel (Germany), Nitsa (Spain), CDMX Earthquake Fundraiser (Mexico), and the 20th anniversary of Hospital Productions (USA).

Currently, Lussuria is set to release the latest album, Three Knocks, on May 30th. The album signifies a return back to the more organic ambient style of earlier Lussuria releases infused with the projects most haunting and hallucinatory concept yet.

• ZERO (be)
In his Twitter bio Zer0 れい jokingly refers to himself as “Belgium’s Biggest Vaporwave Artist” and describes his music as “Post-Ironic Internet Muzak, Vapornoise & Dark Ambient”. It’s a wonderfully idiosyncratic and befittingly eclectic blend of styles for the enigmatic producer who runs a DIY punk club in his spare time and performs live clad in leather, his face obscured by motorcycle helmet emblazoned with his moniker etched in neon across the visor. His look, much like his sound confidently straddles a range of aesthetic contradictions and seems strung out somewhere halfway between the menace of a futuristic cyberpunk assassin and the nostalgic familiarity of a lost member of Daft Punk.

• RIPIT (bxl)
Teknoise producer since 1998, for this night, he will spin some fine tunes ranging from hypnotic dark techno to boombastic anthems to this collapsing world.