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ANNULE//luca sigurta//ANNULE

concert reporté....
Shared between the passion for silence and noise, Luca Sigurtà made several releases on labels like Fratto9, Creative Sources, Afe Records, Dokuro, Lisca, Tulip, Karl Schmidt Verlag . 
He played and he recorded with To Live And Shave In LA, Andy Ortmann, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Praying for Oblivion, Claudio Rocchetti, UR, Der Einzige, Sanair, Fhievel, xNoBBq, ecc.
Forthcoming releases in fall 2012 split with legendary american noise band Panicsville and a release in collaboration with Francisco Lopez.
In 2005 he founded the weird noise band Harshcore
In 2010 he started to play with Luminance Ratio (for now with two 7” split with Steve Roden and Oren Ambarchi).
He founded in 2012 the label Kinky Gabber.
On stage he uses tapes, analogical sources and electronic stuff of any sort.

*solo project* 
la sindrome di stoccolma (not label), 2001
la vera macchina d'argento (afe records), 2004 
sigurtà/rocchetti/fhievel - pocket progressive (creative sources), 2005 
sigurtà/fhievel - the wheel (creative sources), 2008 
sigurtà/guionnet/rocchetti/fhievel (setola di maiale), 2008 
sigurtà/ortmann (tulip records), 2011 
sigurtà/sanair (fragments), 2012 
telandro/sorrentino/sigurtà 'immerus emergo' (setola di maiale/aton), 2012 
sigurtà/rocchetti 'sevigny' (sincope), 2012 
luminance ratio/steve roden (7" fratto9/kinkygabber), 2012 
bliss (fratto9), 2012


sigurtà/praying for oblivion (july, 2012) 
decay (karl schmidt verlag, 2012) 
francisco lopez / luca sigurtà (tba, 2012) 
luca sigurtà / panicsville (tba, 2012)

the sybian sorority (rudimentale), 2007 
harshcore/slicing grandpa (smell the stench), 2007 
harshcore/der einzige - the bujun freakshow (moriremo tutti rec.), 2008 
harshcore/to live and shave in LA (dokuro), 2008 
harshcore/ecoute la merde (underground pollution), 2008 
harshcore/adrien barbobott (lips infection), 2009 
ponytail, ponytales (lisca rec.), 2010 
harshcore/UR - a pleasure trip pt. 1 (sincope), 2011