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Lynn Cassiers: voice
Bo Van der Werf: bariton saxophone, EWI and electronics
Eric Thielemans: drums
Jozef Dumoulin: keyboards
Dries Laheye: bass
The word “lidlboj” is a phonetic transcription in dutch of the english “little boy”. The name itself already evokes the features of the band, which seems to travel through the unknown with the curiosity and freshness proper to children. And this, despite the richness of the bagage of its members, who come from very intense and diverging horizons. The enchanting atmospheric sounds of “lidlboj” build on the expressivity of its musicians, alternating different musical genres including jazz, electro, pop and rock to create a unique universe of their own.

The release of their first record “Trees are always right” (november 2009 on the French label BEE JAZZ) has been received with enthousiam and acclaimed by awards such as Choc (Jazzman/Jazzmagazine), Disque élu (Citizen Jazz), So Jazz (So Jazz), Disque d'Or 2009 (Crisscross-jazz) and Recommend CD (All about jazz).