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L.E.G. is part of the Briefcase Rockers family devoted to the wildest and
the freshest. Latest work includes collaborations with Briefcase Rockers
artists Subtitle and Juan Huevos, Brussels based Senz and Veence Hanao (for
rapper Citizen Ledge) and heavy music to pop out in the nearest future: the
"ILLNESS OF THE REALNESS" album (Briefcase Rockers) and the "M.ON.X." tape
(Entr'Acte label) are their two latest masterpieces. Other tracks appear on
compilations (details on this page).

Which words define their sound best? HEAVY RAP.

"In the world of Brussels hip hop, L.E.G. are outsiders. Producing rap at
once futuristic and Cosmo-driven, they differentiate themselves from their
contemporaries through music influences gleaned from the world of
experimental music, and through their use of distorted English-language
lyrics. Sublyme Diagonal and Roger3000 produce sounds at once ambiguous and
profound, perpetually recycling what they produce independently from one
another. Straight out from their cracked Fruity Loops program, the result is
this 'sonic vessel' in which Citizen Ledge glides and finds his inspiration,
recounting his doubts as to the future of the world and his own existential