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Kim Ki O (Tur)

Cheap Satanism Records and Café Central welcome you to:

KIM KI O (Live) + Lily/Pistols (DJ Set) + Vincent Satan (DJ set) 


KIM KI O (Live) 

After self-distributing their home-made CD-Rs in 2007 and 2008, Istanbul based kim ki o released first mini album “Dans” through Netherland’s Enfant Terrible in 2010. The duo’s second LP “Grounds” followed in 2013 through Paris based Lentonia Records. kim ki o has toured in Europe and UK with acts like The Radio Dept., Moon Duo and Jens Lekman and played many shows and festivals around. In 2014, “Bir, İki…” compilation album released by Ss Records in US brought together the duo’s early recordings. “ZAN”, the fourth kim ki o album, has been released on November 24 2017, through Lentonia Records.

“ZAN” (meaning “Suspicion” in Turkish) brings together 10 songs, that after constant recording between 2013-2017 evolved into a whole. “ZAN” is themed around thinking about “failure” in an attempt to recognize it and come to terms with it in many ways. It starts off with three young girls singing the Turkish version of ‘Flashdance... What a Feeling’ into the loud speakers of a mosque, after the imam has accidentally left the mic on. (This took place in 2015 in one of the southwestern cities in Turkey) And ends with a mourning dedicated to the pain of watching killings on street. 

Pop manifesto created through “ZAN” opens up to “new” ventures that can be defined by new approaches in songmaking, working towards melodies and singing, considering the band’s earlier work. Although the duo’s recognizable sound based on insisting bass, paving the road with motoric beats and always dramatic synths is still here, “ZAN” is generous about trying to create new identities, at times ironic or satiric too. Loaded with revolt against unjust and determined to question the convention, the album communicates as much when it makes room for imagination too. Working towards building constancy at times of uncertainty (“Optimism of Uncertainty”, a term borrowed from Howard Zinn), “ZAN” hopes to make you dance, however you want to dance.

+ Lily/Pistols (DJ Set) 
+ Vincent Satan (DJ set)