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Experimental / Trance / Psychedelic
▼ Schmit Sébastien (percussions, electronics & vocals)
▼ Duby Grégory (guitar)
▼ Stefanutti Vincent (reeds, synth, effects & vocals)

Two years after the sonic boom created by its acclaimed first album, Belgian trio K-BRANDING is back with a new sonic adventure. Born in Brussels in early 2004, the band started as an experimentation on chaotic rock music. Since its first concert in February 2005, the band has never failed to impress, thanks to radical live performances. The trio has built its musical identity through a unique com...bination of improvised music and punk, noisy mood. Facial, its first official release, was a condensate of their hypnotic side, alternating percussive passages, dark ambient and sonic explosions. April 2011: the band is back with an astonishing second album. Born of the desire to never repeat themselves, the three stooges explore previously unexploited territories. Throughout the seven tracks that compose Alliance, K-BRANDING reveals new musical influences including industrial music and sonorities from the eighties. The sound is colder, with sound textures are at the forefront and voice becoming increasingly important in the composition of songs, while keeping the visceral energy that created the group's reputation.