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Joachim Florent (solo) :: Les chroniques de l'inutile


Joachim Florent (double bass) solo

Born in 1979 - Belgium

In addition to a master of science at I.N.S.A. de Lyon Joachim Florent studied  classical and jazz bass at the school of music in Villeurbanne and at the Paris Conservatory. Following Riccardo Del Fra ‘s teaching he graduated in 2006 obtaining the DFS of Jazz and improvised music. In 2007 he won the 1st instrumentist price at the national jazz competition of la defense.

Playing bass but not being a side man he is interested in questioning about instruments roles in music. Seeking for new sonic ways of making music he co-founded bands like the jazzcore trio JEAN LOUIS or RADIATION 10 and he works with finish musicians in the projects BELFIN Quartet and WHITE LIGHT.


Les chroniques de l'inutile

Benjamin Sauzereau: Guitare et compositions
Gregor Siedl: Sax tenor et sourire 
Eric Bribosia: Rhodes et barbe 
Jens Bouttery: Batterie et objets 

This quartet, playing compositions by its guitar player Benjamin Sauzereau, uses elements of Jazz, pop, rock, free that blend in a music sometimes very composed, sometimes quite open, full of energy and very melodic. The specific instrumentation (no bass) is a very rich and varied source of sounds that gives the music evocative power. Very "song-like", wild in some moments, or surprisingly gentle and peaceful in some others, les chroniques will have you dream and move.