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JESSICA93 (fr)
Jessica93, one-man band from the north area of Paris who manages to mix two closed worlds - the 80s and the 90s with his music, a combination between shoegaze, noise and new wave, post-punk, cold wave.
His 3 albums "Who Cares", "Rise" and "Guilty Species" are legendary.
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MINOS (fr)
Minos is a Brussels based 2 men band. Instrumental electronic music project, it is mostly influenced by soundtracks of serie B movies from 70's/80's, post punk and krautrock.
The debut album is released in Belgium by Redmaze Records.
The concrete, the metro, the night and its artificial lights shaped the identity of Minos.
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RAUM (be)
Raum manages the label Antibody, half of Orphan Swords and Figure Section, he also do researches about medical use of sound and teach at ESRA. We are very proud to have him as resident.