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JazzCore evening... Heinz Kharlauzen :: invisible cities

Rotterdam based jazzcore trio HK&D was formed in 2008.
Featuring Portuguese Gonçalo Almeida on bass and electronics, Italian Daniele Martini on tenor saxophone and effects, and propelled by Dutch Friso Van Wijck on drums, the band’s music is made of raw power with space for improvisation and an overall eclectic approach.
Reflecting the wide musical background of its members, the sound of this trio
Photo de Heinz Karlhausen & the Diatonics
Invisible cities " an free noise women trio"
music of elements earth, fire and air
hidden place, inside and particular place
improvised ways, but a clear direction around acting and creating an "univers"
 music and performance together ...
> Maja Jantar / voix Lazara Rosell Albear / drums Audrey Lauro /
> saxophone alto