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Indoor Pispot fest w/ Slovenians :: Het Lood

Genre het lood PUNK
Voxals: Alain, Drum Crasher: Ludo,
Buzzsaw: Geert, Lead: Bert
4 Old School AlostA Punx rippin' through '77 infused hardcore streetpunk.
Biografie [HET LOOD] 4 aLOSTa punks spanning three generations of local scene.
Geert - buzzsaw [Onion Dolls, Animals on Alcohol]
Alain - voxals [Pandaz]
Bert – leadtone [Second Nurse, Troubled Soulz, Isle Of Man, Bad Faces]Ludo - drumcrasher [Straightjacket, Dickson Batteries, Bad Faces] [DIY, AlostA] 12 rounds in 30 minutes, Drunk on Punk !Geslacht Neutraal (het) Invloeden
77 punk infused with HC-street razorblades.
Slovenians /is a Belgian punk rock band from Brussels, active since 2012. Known for their blistering delivery and firecracker front man, Slovenians melds punk influences such as The Dead Kennedy’s, The New Bomb Turks and Minor Threat with feisty doses of rock ’n roll, blues and garage rock.
//// dj's: the frontman of the sillycons Alex montballiu is dj da rock & swine for the event) & dj wndrsprt will end the night in glory with golden punk, revival and is a rebellion Dj party.