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Hugo Ficher :: Naan :: Dj sambleu

:: Ambiant night ::

Hugo Ficher is a Belgian based musician, born in Liège. His work could be described as "terrestrial ambient", "living room psychedelic music" and "organic noise". The link between physical and emotive reactions is the most important point while creating his sounds. Harmonical or dissonant, minimal or complex, abstract or concrete, he's using a lot of contrasts but still have a consistency focusing on intuiti...on. He is also known by his dancefloor project under the nickname Ucture.

Naan is a Belgian Musician born and based in Brussels.
Basically drummer in ex "Drifting Bears Collective" (renamed "South of no North" for their second release to come: "Octopussies Liability"), Naan is doing music alone in several other styles and occasions, and has been guested for onstage shows and appearances or studio works since several years now. Whenever he's jamming with drums, guitar, synthesizers or composing electronic music in his little beatnik playground, it is always about some kind of lysergic crossover bricolage.
The guy has been randomly collaborating with Squeaky lobster, The syncopated elevators legacy (aka acid Kirk), Esteban de la Monja (licuadorarecords), Mike Watt and Steve MacKay (The stooges), Koonda Holaa (ex Residents, Lydia Lunch), Paul Metzger, Paul Labrecque (ex Sunburned hand of the man), and many more.

Last free web release on a three chapters compilations for the 10 years of Thin Consolation/Unrezt: