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Gum Takes Tooth

Gum Takes Tooth, a thunderous rampage of noise tempered with an aptitude for precise rhythms and splintered melody, is a single-headed beast with two bodies: a duo of Thomas Fuglesang on live acoustic drums, physically wired into home grown electronic instruments and bare circuit boards, tweaked, molded and mangled in real-time by Jussi Brightmore.

The group decisively bring together their wildly disparate influences of out-there... noise, metal, primeval rhythms, spacious psyche, pan-ethnic oddities, primal punk, acid house and vintage electronics on their debut album, 'Silent Cenotaph'.

Both musicians have enjoyed disparate and involved travails through the musical underground, first playing together in the white noise pop outfit Infants. Brightmore featured in the pioneering I'm Being Good, the improvisational Milche Grand and Blood Stereo with releases on John Olson of Wolf Eyes' American Tapes, Mike Connelly of Wolf Eyes' Gods of Tundra and alongside releases by Thurston Moore on Dylan Nyoukis' Chocolate Monk. Brightmore also co-germinated Chrome Hoof from its conception as a trio to multi-limbed prog juggernaut. Meanwhile Fuglesang, previously of Agoskodo Teliverek, now moonlights with Wart Biter and amongst numerous other projects.

The track Hermaphrodite and Nourishment features Valentina Magaletti of the monolithic $hit & $hine on second drum kit.

“Everyone's talking about Gum Takes Tooth. Industrial experimental noise outbursts never sounded so blissful.”

“Calculated no-wave noise and frenetic drumming built purposefully from sparse driving beats into overpowering basslines”
- Clash

“Effortlessly combining Noise freakouts, psyche and headbanging metal with head-bobbing beats... Electronic and forward looking.”
- Wire

“A scuzzy wash of circuitry and a non-stop barrage of hyper-fast drumming and whacked out treble quickly gets the party underway, and while the band express sincere gratitude for the crowd’s ecstatic response, it’s no less than they deserve.”
- DrownedinSound